Sunday, November 4, 2012

Google+ plus Blogger, a blogging experiment

I'm trying out old-school blogging stalwart Blogger, now integrated with one click sharing to Google+. Since G+ first popped up, I've been hoping that it signaled a return from social micro-blogging to the longer form, lo-fi blogs of yore -- the kind of writing I still miss the most.

With its absence of a character limit (see Twitter), an open-yet-closed social model, a clean image sharing interface, and now direct integration into a casual but more proper blogging platform like Google-owned Blogger, G+ is just about anything a nostalgic blogger who resents 140-character micro-content could hope for.
"If you post something on a blog, fewer people are likely to find it. It's like nailing a printout of your post on a tree in the forest." - Mike Elgan, Google+ follower magnet, in a column on why G+ makes for the perfect social blogging tool.

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