Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Twitter as schizophrenia in the social era

Another inspiring take on stepping back from social media to quiet the voices we've let loose in our heads:

"I quit Twitter for a month and it completely changed my thinking about mostly everything." 

What I realized is that in closing Twitter entirely, I got that. My head felt more silent to voices that weren’t mine. I’ve realized — Twitter is outsourced schizophrenia. I have a couple hundred voices I have consensually agreed to allow residence inside my brain.

This is the reason why I prefer to write early in the morning before speaking to anyone, if I can—there’s nothing in my head except the one thought I want to write. In fact, for the record, I sat down and began writing this at 8:30 and have been writing continuously since then, with absolutely zero interruptions. 

I used to believe that time was the most important thing I have, but I’ve come to believe differently. The single most valuable resource I have is uninterrupted thought."

[Adam Brault]

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